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Prairie Street in Grinnell
We get water in our basement
Manor Circle in Grinnell
Have had 3 major water incidents in basement over the past 3 years, stemming from outside water.
in Grinnell
Water seeping through wall into basement of 2nd house up for sale.
Spencer St in Grinnell
We've just purchased an older house that has some leakage in the basement when it rains.
in Grinnell
I have a bowing block wall in need of repair, would like a quote on this repair. I can send pictures if that would help
Prairie Street in Grinnell
I have some issues with foundation settling and some bowing along the east wall of my basement. I'd like to see what my options are for fixing the situation.
in Grinnell
The original house built in 1958 has had tile put around the entire foundation and the foundation has been re-enforced. An addition was put on in the mid-60s and there is no basement and no tiling. Where these two meet I have water coming in. No a lot, but when it rains 20-30 inches in a month, it gets the south and east portions of the basement wet. I do not have a sump pump.
Reed Street in Grinnell
Had 1 inch of water on Monday and 4 inches last Memorial Day.
in Grinnell
We have a room in our basement that got very wet in the last rain storm and we would like a professional opinion on what we can can do about it.
in Grinnell
2 large cracks have suddenly appeared in our poured foundation.
Reed St in Grinnell
Bowing wall and cracks in basement wall
Prairie Street in Grinnell
Our east basement wall had cracked from settling but during the last storm the north wall actually bowed slightly and also has cracks.
in Grinnell
With the flooding in Grinnell over Memorial weekend I had major back up in my basement. Now that I have everything away from the walls, I see that I have some major issues. I still have a lot of items in the basement, but everything is away from the walls so it is visible. I would like an estimate as to what it would cost me to have my basement waterproofed the correct way, so I won't have to worry about water. I understand that you can't guarantee against sewer backup (which is what I had), but if I could have the rest of the basement waterproofed, that would be a great improvement. Thank you.
in Grinnell
We have a wood foundation. The east wall has been gradually leaning in since construction in 1997. Can this be fixed and how much would it cost?
Fairfield Street in Grinnell
I have a basement that is wet when it rains and stays damp year round. Floors are poured and walls are blocks. No sub-pump just a floor drain in the 3/4 bath area. Would like to make this a finished basement but need to get the wetness taken care of first. Can call at anytime.
in Grinnell
During the very bad storm two weeks ago I received a good amount of water and dirt into the basement. Upon inspection by the insurance agent an external source of concrete tilting was identified as the cause of directing water into the basement. But, upon further indoor/outdoor inspection by a concrete contractor he determined that there was serious cracking of the basement wall on the south side of the house.
in Grinnell
I currently have a Sump-pump drain system, but anytime we get a heavy rain, water seeps up through a crack in the floor that is in the center of the basement.
Spring Street in Grinnell
After two days of rain (March 7 and 8), I have 5 inches of water in my basement and rising. In 9 years It's never been this bad, and spring hasn't started yet. It has stopped raining, and I'm hoping the 2 drains in the floor will start doing their job. I don't have a sump pump. I've had water before, but never this bad.
in Grinnell
Basement Remodeling
in Grinnell
We would like to get an estimate on waterproofing our basement.
in Grinnell
This is ground level carpeted living space. This year wet spots have appeared on the carpet.
Broad St. in Grinnell
We'd like advice/estimate for a wet basement in a house we are considering purchasing here in Grinnell.
Main in Grinnell
I have 100 year old house with limestone (?) walls. Some water has damaged some out side blocks, and mortar between blocks iin the basemant is crumbling? Is this the kind of job you take on?
Hamilton Ave. in Grinnell
Hi, I need an estimate about what it would take to fix the water issue in my mom's basement. I would really appreciate it if I could get an estimate sooner rather than later as her home is up for sale

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