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Basement Repair Services & Products
Waterguard Interior System
Drytrak Drainage Channel
Trenchdrain Drain Grate
Iceguard Discharge Line
Flexispan Wall Crack Repair
Polyurethane Crack Sealing
Wellduct Window Drainage
Brightwall Waterproof Panels
Drain Tile Installation
Supersump Pump System
Triplesafe Pumping System
Ultrasump Battery Back Up
Sanidry Dehumidifier


Crawl Space Repair Services & Products
Cleanspace Encapsulation Vapor Barriers And Liners
Turtle Access Hatch
Everlast Crawl Space Doors
Sanidry Csb Dehumidifier
Smartdrain Water Drainage
Terrablock Floor Insulation
Smartsump Sump Pump
Crawl-o-sphere Crawl Space Fan
Wallcap Block Wall Sealer
Smartvent Flood Vents


Foundation Repair Services & Products
Push Pier Underpinning For Settlement, Foundation Leveling, Sinking Foundation Repair
Geo-lock Wall Anchors
Geo-lock Helical Anchors
Powerbrace Bowed Wall Repair
Smartjack Crawl Space Support
Slab Pier Repair
PolyLevel Concrete Lifting & Leveling
EZ Post Deck Repair
Foundation Piers
Helical Piers & Piles
Before and After Pictures from Des Moines
Bowing Walls in Des Moines, IA

Bowing Walls in Des Moines, IA

Before After
Bowing Walls in Des Moines, IA Bowing Walls in Des Moines, IA

Midwest Basement Systems got a phone call from Dan talking about how he wanted to sell his house but needed to get his basement walls fixed. He needed one of our experts to come out and give him a quote at no cost to him. He had Tom, our System Design Specialist, come out and talk to Dan about how he will need Power Braces on his basement wall. He wanted Tom to explain that to him because he didn't know what those were. 

Tom explained that they are beams that will go against the wall that is bowing and they will help them move back into place and prevent it from happening again. 

Dan was very pleased with what they can do so he booked the work to be done. He had Matt and his crew come out and fix the walls. Dan was very pleased with what was done with the wall and how Matt was as a foreman. He was impressed that Matt cleaned up after himself and made it look as new as it could. 

Sump Pump System in Des Moines

Sump Pump System in Des Moines

Before After
Sump Pump System in Des Moines Sump Pump System in Des Moines

Here is an example of older, non sealed sump pump system and its replacement with the triple safe system and a SaniDry dehumidification system.  The older system had a smaller sump basket, and less inlets supplying water to one pump. The new system has a much larger sump basket, 3 pumps, and a state of the art battery back up system.

Finishing Off the DryWall

Finishing Off the DryWall

Before After
Finishing Off the DryWall Finishing Off the DryWall

We get asked all of the time, Do I need to remove all of the drywall, or can I cut a section out?  And, when I cut a section out how do I get it replaced.  Here is and example of cutting 32 inches of drywall out, and when the waterproofing job is completed, replacing the removed section of wall with our revolutionary ZenWall systems and trim.


Company Awards
Better Business Bureau 2010 Integrity Award
Des Moines, Iowa (April 12, 2010) - Midwest Basement Systems will receive the Better Business Bureau (BBB) Integrity Award for... [Read more]
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Des Moines, IA's Best Foundation & Crawl Space Contractor

After a long drought period in Iowa, the foundation in Jim and Darla's home was severely damaged....
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Testimonials From Des Moines
Midwest Basement Systems, quick, clean, & very professional!
Testimonial by Matthew S. from Des Moines, IA
We choose Midwest Basement Systems to do the work due to their reputation.
Testimonial by Todd M. from Des Moines, IA

Professional Basement and Crawl Space Repair in Des Moines, IA

At Midwest Basement Systems we put customer service first and are proud to serve our area. Our team of trained technicians use only high quality materials from the best manufacturers in the business to ensure that you get only the best results. We want to work with you to find the solution that will work best for you!

Common causes of basement waterproofing problems are often stemmed from leaky pipes, flooding during heavy rainfall, or sump pump failures. These problems can be fixed with products like a professional-grade TripleSafe sump pump, specially designed with three pumps to ensure that you won't have to worry about your basement being flooded, even if the power goes out. Additionally, also offer thermal insulation and quality drainage systems to deposit water pumped out of your basement a safe distance away from the foundations. 

Symptoms of a waterproofing problem

  • Wet or damp basement floor
  • Leaking or damp basement walls
  • Pooling or standing water
  • Crystaline deposit on concrete surfaces
  • Musy odors
  • Condensation
  • Sump pump issues
  • Leaky basement windows

Crawl spaces can often fall into disrepair a little to easily because of their location in the home as well as their function. When a crawl space is left in disrepair for too long, it can become a breeding ground for mold, mildew, and even wood rot. The way to remedy this is to install quality products like vapor barriers, dehumidifiers, and sump pumps. 

Friendly Residential and Commercial Foundation Repairs

If you have problems with your foundations, then it is probably caused by broken, weakened soil that can no longer support the weight of the structure. Some of the major signs of this are sagging floors, cracked floors or walls, foundation heaves, or tilting chimneys. These problems can seem like a daunting task to try and solve, but with our products like wall anchors and jack posts, they can be fixed quickly with permanent results. 

For commercial foundation repairs, we offer top-of-the-line helical anchors and tiebacks. These offer stability to foundation walls and retaining walls with unbalanced earth pressures. These helical piers are versatile, have predictable capacity, and have clean installation with no messy grout. These as well as our other products like push pier systems and helical pile systems are sure to correct foundation and stability issues in your foundations. 

Spectacular Concrete Lifting in Des Moines, IA

Having trouble with uneven concrete in your home, sidewalk or patio? Worried about the safety hazard that it poses? We can help with our top-of-the-line PolyLevel concrete lifting system. The PolyLevel injection is unique because it gets injected under the concrete so that it can be lifted to be the same height as the concrete around it. This process is not only a quicker, easier process, but it's also more permanent and cost-effective. 

Midwest Basement Systems has the tools to to get your job done right and our friendly, knowledgeable staff are ready to help you find a solution that will work for you. Let our certified technicians work to get you the long-lasting you want to see in your home and give us a call today for a free estimate!


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Case Studies From Des Moines
We had a customer that called us with unleveled concrete in front of the house. It was by the stairwell where their kids would be playing basketball...
There were some serious foundation issues, so bad on one wall that braces and anchors could not repair the damage that had been done. In addition to...
The Exile Brewing Company was renovating an early twentieth-century brick building in downtown Des Moines. Renovations included a restaurant and an...
Press Releases From Des Moines
Midwest Basement Systems has recently been awarded at the Team Basement Systems International Conven...
Midwest Basement Systems has recently been awarded at the Team Basement Systems International Convention.... [Read more]
Job Stories From Des Moines, IA
Block Wall Replacement in Des Moines, IA

Homeowner was very concerned about his wall that was cracking. He called Midwest Basement Systems to have a system design specialist out to get a free quote. The expert told the homeowner that he should replace the whole wall. It will prevent anything from happening. The homeowner decided to do the project with us. Chico and his crew went out and did the work. They did a great job and the homeowner was very pleased with our work. 

Block Wall Replacement in Des Moines, IA - Photo 1Block Wall Replacement in Des Moines, IA - Photo 2Block Wall Replacement in Des Moines, IA - Photo 3Block Wall Replacement in Des Moines, IA - Photo 4Block Wall Replacement in Des Moines, IA - Photo 5
Huge piering job in Des Moines, IA

Homeowner realized his mom needed work done on her house. He called Midwest Basement Systems to have our sales manager come out and look at what is going on. Rod realized that she had sagging floors and her doors were sticking while she tried to open them, as well as her windows. Rod told her that we would life her house with piers and then we would level the concrete in the garage. 

Huge piering job in Des Moines, IA - Photo 1Huge piering job in Des Moines, IA - Photo 2Huge piering job in Des Moines, IA - Photo 3Huge piering job in Des Moines, IA - Photo 4Huge piering job in Des Moines, IA - Photo 5
Leveling Concrete in Des Moines, IA

Midwest Basement Systems went out to a home in Des Moines, IA to level the homeowners garage floor. Travis and his crew went to the home and raised the concrete around 3 inches. The homeowners were very pleased with the work and would recommend the company to anybody that has the same problem as them. 

Leveling Concrete in Des Moines, IA - Photo 1Leveling Concrete in Des Moines, IA - Photo 2Leveling Concrete in Des Moines, IA - Photo 3Leveling Concrete in Des Moines, IA - Photo 4Leveling Concrete in Des Moines, IA - Photo 5
Piering in Des Moines, IA

This homeowner was very concerned about his foundation walls. He called Midwest Basement Systems and had our design specialist come out and check out the problem. Mr. Hunsicker decided to do the work and have the crew come out and start the work. Chico and his crew worked hard to fix the homeowners wall. The homeowner was very happy with the work and said he would recommend the work to anybody that has the problem. 

Basement Waterproofing, Crawl Space repair, and new windows in Des Moines, IA

These homeowners walked in their basement and realized they had a lot of work to do. They were tired of getting water in their basement through the walls and the windows. They also wanted to be able to store some things in their crawl spaces. They called Midwest Basement Systems to set up an appointment with one of our experts to come out and take a look at the house. 

The expert explained everything what we would need to do and they agreed to all of it. They agreed to install WaterGuard, encapsulate the crawl space, and get new windows. 

Alejandro came out one week and got th work done in a week. The homeowners were impressed with what Alejandro and his crew did. They loved how clean the place looked once they were finished. 

The homeowners told Alejandro that they would recommend us to anybody that needed that much work done. They were very happy. 

Bowing Walls in Des Moines, IA

Mr. and Mrs. Theuma was spring cleaning and they noticed there walls were bowing. They were concerned because they had never seen it before. They call Midwest Basement Systems as soon as they saw the problem and asked to set up an appointment to have one of our experts come out and look at the problem. They had Nathan come out and take a look and he described that the walls were caving in and they needed to be fixed with Power Braces. 

Nathan explained what Power Braces were and said that it would prevent it from happening again. They were thrilled with that and signed the contract. They wanted to fix the problems and make sure it wasn't going to happen again. 

They had Alejandro and his crew out to do the work and they did a great job keeping the place clean. They did the work in a day and the walls are fixed now. 

The homeowners were very pleased with the work that was done and said they would recommend us to anybody that had the issue they had. 

Crawl Space Repair in Des Moines, IA

Erica was working around her house and noticed that her furniture was not sitting correctly on the floor. She called Midwest Basement Systems as soon as she saw the problem. We sent out our expert, Tom, to look at the problem. Tom diagnosed that her floors were sagging and she need SmartJacks to raise the floor back up and prevent the problem from happening in the future.

SmartJacks are metal beams that are supporting the floor to prevent the problem of sagging floors happening again. We sent out our production team and they installed SmartJacks. Erica was very happy with the work. She noticed a huge difference.

Work Requests From Des Moines, IA
Grand Aveneue in Des Moines
Need to install a waterproofing system along a basement wall.
in Des Moines
My rental house has cinder block foundation. I noticed a crack, and significant bowing when I went over to clean up after a tenant who moved out.
in Des Moines
Previous basement waterproofing done by Bob Bauer approximately 8-10 years ago. As we are having some issues with dark areas on walls, bubbling areas on walls, musty smells, etc., we are interested in having an assessment done. Thanks!
in Des Moines
Water in the basement, every time it rains.
Scott Ave in Des Moines
A metal rod with wooden beams holding up my kitchen floor is sticking out of a mound of dirt in my crawlspace and the wood on the metal seems to have shifted and is no longer even. I'm wondering if it needs to be redone because the floor is very creaky now
Hull Ave in Des Moines
Wooden foundation one wall bowing in would like repaired
in Des Moines
The front steps and "porch" are disintegrating. There is an excavated area under the "porch" area which is a part of the basement recreation room. Water is now leaking from the finished ceiling in this area onto the basement floor when it rains. I would like to book an estimate on fixing or replacing the steps and "porch".
in Des Moines
About 40' of the front wall is bowing in. It has been like that for several years but want to get it fixed. I am thinking about an addition, which might fix half of that if I have a basement added as well. Would be interested in a quote. I will be available next week
E Lacona in Des Moines
Entrance of the driveway where it meets the sidewalk is sunk in 3.5"
Amherst St in Des Moines
In checking under the living room basement crawl space for insulation install I saw some concerns. Just need to have a professional look and tell me what needs or can be done.
in Des Moines
I am having issues with the ceiling in my bedroom that was added on. Its cracked. I thinks it's from my basement wall.
in Des Moines
I have an outside basement entry wall (large concrete brick) that is leaning. Not sure if you do such small project?
in Des Moines
I would like to take advantage of the sump pump subsidy in Des Moines. We already have one sump pump and a basement system but need another sump pump. I think I might have had one of your guys at my house last year to discuss options.
E Caulder Cir in Des Moines
Have small amounts of water in the basement even after little amounts of rain.
E Pleasant View Dr in Des Moines
Basement has water issues and we need it fixed
in Des Moines
Apparent water seepage in brick walls, cracked and un-level concrete basement floor
Wright St in Des Moines
Our basement walls is cracked and bowing
Chautauqua Pkwy in Des Moines
Bowing wall in garage/foundation.
in Des Moines
Detached garage foundation cracks in slab and bowing walls.
E. Edison Ave in Des Moines
Remove and replace basement windows (6)
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