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Walnut in Waterloo
We are getting water in the basement every time there is heavy rain. We can't seem to find where it is coming in as it looks as though it is coming from an interior wall.
Lowder Rd in Waterloo
Water seeping into basement. Need an estimate to see what it takes to fix
Kelly Ct. in Waterloo
We have a split foyer on a hill and there are cracks in the celling and some walls. I think the southeast corner of the house is sinking because it has been so dry.
Kingsley in Waterloo
Looking at buying the house on Kingsley had inspector today. Looking at free estimate on foundation repair and proofing.
Aspen Drive in Waterloo
We need the cement raised where the steps are leading to our front door
Baltimore St in Waterloo
I am looking to purchase a residence and would like an estimate done on foundation repair for the prospective house before making an offer. Thank you.
Cardinal Dr. in Waterloo
This person has filled out the Star Power Pro survey on midwestbasementsystems.com that you sent them and is interested in another service you provide: concrete lifting & leveling. Please contact them to schedule a new appointment for this service. This is a no-charge lead.
Sheldon St. in Waterloo
Diagonal crack in one basement wall that splits off into a couple of other directions, with a tiny bit of water at the very bottom. Also another very small crack in another wall with no water issues.
Liberty Ave. in Waterloo
Basement has water after heavy rains from cracks in floor need to sell house for my mothers assisted living expenses
Magnolia in Waterloo
I am a Realtor. I have a buyer purchasing a property and the home inspector says a basement wall has shifted up to a couple of inches. We would like a professional opinion as to whether or not a repair is needed at this time. We are on a short time frame and would like to have someone look at it ASAP please
Oakcrest Drive in Waterloo
Have some leaks in basement.
Loralin in Waterloo
Part of basement gets wet on certain rai ns
RIEHL ST in Waterloo
Water in basement from cracked foundation how much to repair?
Lyon Ave in Waterloo
We have a crack in our basement wall and aren't sure what kind of attention it will need. Please feel free to email or leave a voicemail. Thanks!
Ravenswood Road in Waterloo
Need a wet crawlspace at an apartment building examined...moisture problems
Hanna Blvd in Waterloo
Cracked and bowing basement wall
St Andrews Ave in Waterloo
I have a foundation repair needed as 1 or 2 blocks have broken on the corner of the house
Commercial St in Waterloo
Looking for a quote on poly cementjacking in a parking lot and sidewalk area at Young Arena in waterloo.
Bertch in Waterloo
Purchased home with basement bedroom, entire basement including bedroom was not sealed properly while remodeling so there is dampness in various spots around the foundation. Also a section of foundation block moderately cracked in old coal hold.
Lark Lane in Waterloo
Douglas Dr in Waterloo
Happy with the work MBS did a month or so ago, however recently discovered a problem. It appears the work crew used rock similar to road stone (instead of a clean, washed, stone) to cover the "tile" around the perimeter of my basement. Last night, I discovered the sump pump in my pit failed, thus flooding my basement. When I pulled the pump, I found it full of the "dust/muck" from the stone, thus causing it to fail. I've replaced the pump ($89.99 on sale) and spent the day cleaning up the water on the basement floor. I would offer the suggestion to use to clean stone in the future. Also, wondering if you have any warranty against such issues. Please contact me. Thank-you Donald "Kent" Smock Waterloo, IA
Lynda Rd in Waterloo
I have a sidewalk that has a few sunken corners and was wondering about a free quote to get them leveled
Dearborn Ave in Waterloo
Foundation sinking in he corner due to gutter issues.
Summit Ave in Waterloo
We recently noticed Water seaping in through the foundation in a few locations. We are wanting to know the condition of our foundation as well as what it will cost to repair and seal any leaks.
Drynan Dr. in Waterloo
We have a large garage converted into semi-finished living space, but it has water with every rain so we cannot finish the floor currently. We're looking at re-doing the tiling in the yard, but the building sits against a slight hill and still needs a solution for the water so that we can fully finish the space into a family area.
S. Hackett Rd in Waterloo
I have had previous basement sealing done and it is still leaking. I would like to have this problem permanently solved.
Letsch Rd in Waterloo
Waterproofing basement and concrete lifting on external stairs
E Mitchell Ave in Waterloo
I am interested in a French Drain. I am have been getting some water in my basement on heavy rainy days or multiple rainy days
Scott Avenue in Waterloo
Water leaking through crack in corner of basement.
Ansborough in Waterloo
Cracked basement wall
Johnson St in Waterloo
24 Foot Basement Wall needs replacement
Holstein Pl in Waterloo
Iam in need of someone to look at my foundation.
Belle Street in Waterloo
Water in the basement due to cracks in floor- only during flooding.
Lyon Ave in Waterloo
We have foundation cracks and I would options and an estimate to repair/ correct. Thank you.
in Waterloo
Refi mortgage to FHA appraisal notes cracks some leaking and bowing (I don't see the bowing) need to start with inspection and quote.
Columbia Circle in Waterloo
I moved into this house in mid-July and have had water coming from the sump pit about 4 times since then. Just in the past few days I have noticed some yellow and white crystals forming on my basement walls that I think is effloresence and have a little water seepage on some walls and base near the floor.
Williston Ave in Waterloo
Cracks in my foundation in basement
W Ridgeway Ave in Waterloo
We have a concrete pad that our generator rests on that is starting to look more like the Titanic in her final moments.
Campbell Avenue in Waterloo
Damp basement, foundation concerns on one side of the house, and sidewalk issues -- perhaps all related.
Windsor Dr in Waterloo
Water seeps into basement when it rains. Would like to get rid of this so I can put a floor in.
Adams Street in Waterloo
I have been experiencing what feels like mild tremors and shaking when sitting in my home. Then I started noticing water seeping into the basement and now there are cracks in the foundation and a crack in one of the basement walls.
Newton Street in Waterloo
E. Mitchell Ave in Waterloo
You installed a window well on one of my basement windows. The outside edge is now above ground which doesn't seem right. Is there any chance you could check it out when you are in Waterloo sometime?
Cornwall Avenue in Waterloo
Our front door consists of a small concrete platform with two concrete steps leading up to it. The two concrete steps have disconnected/sunk away from the cement platform. My hope is to lift the two steps and connect them back to the platform while achieving a consistent height between steps.
Cadillac Dr in Waterloo
Sheridan Road in Waterloo
Leak in basement and water damage on the walls.
Newton St. in Waterloo
I would like to get a quote to find out what it will take to fix a crack in my basement wall.
Kingsley Ave in Waterloo
We are looking for quotes. We have an unfinished basement that is constantly damp, and often has a puddle standing around the drain in the floor. Sump pump(s) and dehumidifier are constantly running. During extremely heavy rainstorms, water comes up through the cracks in the floor.
Columbia Circle in Waterloo
We have one powerful pump but need a backup system if power fails.
Denver St in Waterloo
I need an estimate on waterproofing my basement - seepage from cracked concrete floor and through cement brick walls.
S. Hackett Rd. in Waterloo
Water seepage in basement.
Prospect Blvd in Waterloo
We have 3 areas that we have seepage in 3 corners where downspout are. We would like to finish off basement but want this fixed first. We also have a large crack in one wall that needs attention.
Prospect Blvd in Waterloo
We have water coming through the block foundation on our house. Every heavy rain we end up having water in our basement.
Saint Andrews Ave in Waterloo
Was wondering how much it would cost to fix cracks in the foundation of my basement to stop water leakage.
Aster Lane in Waterloo
I have two basement walls that are bowing and a third basement wall that is bowing and has a vertical crack. I'm interested in my options for repair. Also we have interest in an egress window if your company installs those as well.
Rainbow Dr. in Waterloo
I have a garage with its back against a hill. The structure is on the northwest corner of my property. I would like to have French drain tiling installed on the north side of my garage directing the seepage into the center of my backyard (to the east of the garage).
Sheridan Rd in Waterloo
House built 1950...one area floods other area seeps water
Wembley Rd in Waterloo
How to stop water coming into our basement between the wall and the floor.
Pheasant Lane in Waterloo
Need driveway slab raised up to be level with garage slab. Driveway is about 2 inches lower on one side and has got this way in the last two years.
Wallgate Ave in Waterloo
We own a home that has leaking water in the basement where the floor meets with the walls it leaks randomly during rainstorms and I would like to see what can be done about it. Thanks
Longview Dr in Waterloo
Basement walls are intruding inward about 1 inch. want to finish off basement and need walls shored.
Campell Ave in Waterloo
Water appears to come out of an interior load-bearing wall whenever it rains. House was built in 1927.
South Hackett Rd in Waterloo
Part of CMU foundation wall is bowed in due to hydraulic pressure . Some separation of horizontal and vertical joints.
Cornwall Avenue in Waterloo
Water seeping into my basement with every heavy rainfall
Hollywood Ave in Waterloo
Water is seeping into my basement, but only in certain areas. I do not have a sump pump and cannot see where water is coming in
LOBDELL RD in Waterloo
Have water coming into the basment and need to update my sump. also have mold growing in the basement as well. Need an estimate to see if american family ins will cover it.
Santa Maria Dr. in Waterloo
I'm not sure if there is an issue or what the issue is, but we have a completely finished basement with no water issues visible, but there is a moisture smell.
Glencoe Ave in Waterloo
Basement walls and floor need attention. Problems with seepage in corners and some concrete wall cracks.
Clough St in Waterloo
Would like to replace standard basement window with an Egress. Foundation is Poured concrete then Clay brick/red brick
Derbyshire Rd. in Waterloo
I have a 1940 home and water trickles across basement floor after rains and through the walls. need an estimate of repair. Thank you
Polk St. in Waterloo
Egress window cost
Kimball Ave in Waterloo
Several crack in foundation that causes wet basement floor.
Baltimore St in Waterloo
Sunken sidewalk square
Osage Rd in Waterloo
Would like to add a batt. backup to the basement
Olympic Dr. in Waterloo
Basement wall starting to bow in.
Monticello Ave in Waterloo
Water seeping into the basement. We have cleaned out all gutters and eaves but we can't figure out where the water is coming from. It's not above any pipes.
Pioneer Rd. in Waterloo
1 section of sidewalk needs to be raised
W Schrock Rd in Waterloo
Front sidewalk is very unlevel. Need an estimate on pumping sections up to make level again. Thanks
Pioneer Road in Waterloo
We have a small slab that has concrete stairs sitting on the slab. The slab is settling towards the house and has caused water to run towards the house.
Fostoria Drive in Waterloo
Water in the spare bedroom storage closet in the basement. Noticed water in the corner behind the door to the storage closet underneath the basement stairs.
Downing Ave. in Waterloo
Cracking walls in foundation leading too cracks in the drywall upstairs.
Sheridan Rd in Waterloo
Basement leaking
in Waterloo
Front wall of basement is being pushed in.
Larkspur Dr in Waterloo
Attached garage foundation has bowed, pulling away from the floor on the north side. The northeast corner has settled. Concerned about stress on the house.
Kamille Ct in Waterloo
We live in a 6 unit condo. 3 above and 3 below. Our downstairs unit has a garage that has a back foundation wall that is entirely below grade.(front is not)There is a leak between the top of the wall and the ceiling. But only when there is thaw present in the garage above. They have had caulking done. I am looking to fix the problem from the inside of our garage. The leaks consist of a small amount of water running down our wall in the winter. Can you help or direct me to someone who can? Thanks
Bertch Avenue in Waterloo
Cracks in The Foundation
Prospect Blvd in Waterloo
I have some water in my basement that it isn't quite consistent with rainfalls. When it rains multiple inches, there is definitely some noticable leakage. But lately when it hasn't been raining, there is still water from time to time. Thankfully, it doesn't smell of sewer. The water appears to flow from one wall to underneath the linoleum and then come from a hole, so the location is consistent. The source is most likely from one wall, I haven't noticed any other leakage from the other walls. The issue with the 'problem' wall is that it is a "finished" room. I'm curious if the DryTrak System would be suitable solution for my problem. There are 2-3 walls it would have to 'punch' through in order to get to the drain. My wife is usually available Fridays to be home. I can take this Friday off (Aug 1) to support a visit. Thanks, Ryan
Baltimore Street in Waterloo
Wet basement and mold appearing
Valdez Dr in Waterloo
Concrete sinking and drawing water towards the foundation of the house.
Sager Ave in Waterloo
Interested in ultimately finishing basement, and I would like to control a slow seep through the foundation and allow for unanticipated water in the basement due to heavy rainfall and surcharged sewer lines.
in Waterloo
I have a leak somewhere in the corner of my basement, we have a concrete poured foundation with drywall in front, have taken up carpet and padding and still cannot see where the water is coming from, help!
Lyon Avenue in Waterloo
Bowing basement wall
in Waterloo
The wall along driveway is bowing,leaking,and crumbling away.
Prospect Blvd. in Waterloo
Bowed basement wall causing uneven floor
Huntington Rd in Waterloo
Water leaking into the basement around the base of the foundation
Westland Ave in Waterloo
Hello, our house was built in 1958 and doesn't have a sump pump. We got water in our basement this past summer. Looking for a quote on having one installed. Thanks!
Independence Ave in Waterloo
Have a block wall basement....leaking through the tuckpointing. I would like to see the outside wall sealed not tearing anything up inside.
Sager Ave in Waterloo
Would like a quote to repair foundation wall; bowed and cracked.
Hall Avenue in Waterloo
Wet basement, poor drainage, cracked walls.
Williston in Waterloo
My basement is leaking on the southwest corner of the house. I am interested in having the cement driveway (portion) taken up, and having the outside of the basement wall "fixed"
South Hackett in Waterloo
Water sepage in the basement and cracks in the foundation.
Scott in Waterloo
Block basement foundation has a couple of blocks broken and falling inward.
Kimball Ave in Waterloo
Cracked and bowing wall in basement
LOMA in Waterloo
Basement cracks we need looked at
Lark Lane in Waterloo
Need an advice/estimate on foundation repair and sump pump installation
Newell in Waterloo
Would like our basement looked at for water problems.
Kingsley Ave in Waterloo
Our basement is beginning to give off a musty smell which I assume is a result of water damaged wood rot in our laundry room and ceiling trusses. I would like a qualified individual to inspect and possibly repair our basement so my family has a safe and healthy environment to live.
Oak Ave in Waterloo
I live in an old house that needs a lot of work done. The basement walls has crumbing pieces falling, a little bit of leaking from walls when rains, parts of floor is cracked, there is dampness, some puddles of water, and uneven flooring level. I would love to have an estimate on how much it may cost for everything?
Edwards St in Waterloo
Have cracking of foundation walls, also have noticed water leakage into basement, and some molding of drywall, in one area there is sand between floor and foundation wall.
Maynard Ave. in Waterloo
We have a split foyer home. There is 1 spot in the lower level where water comes in - usually after a hard rain.
Bertch Avenue in Waterloo
I already patched leaking basement. Is not pretty dry, but would like an estimate on how much it will cost to properly fix it. Suspected grading issues as well as possible gutter/downspout issues that I would like to have addressed as well.
Bertch Ave in Waterloo
Our basement currently has a sump pump in place, but we still get streams of water from almost all corners of the house. If we get a heavy rain or if the ground water levels get too high our basement gets water in it. The water has even caused larger cracks in our foundation where the water will just stream in now. We are in need of a permanent solution to our water problems.

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