Learn more about Midwest Basement Systems' recent work requests in Centerville, IA
in Centerville
It's a typical old home basement but seems to have some newly discovered extra-damage to the basement walls. The home is unoccupied and for sale and we need to get in decent condition in order to sell the home.
South Main in Centerville
I have an old unfinished basement that has some water that comes up thru the foundation... I am interested in your waterproofing system and your bright walls/flooring system. Thanks!
East Oak in Centerville
The basement foundation is a brick foundation and is bowing in on 2 of the basement walls. I see your company is repairing our neighbors foundation. And was just curious as to what it would cost to repair our basement. Thank you,
East Oak Street in Centerville
This is a brick basement wall that is pushing in quite a bit and looks like it could collapse before to long
West State Street in Centerville
We've lived in this hous for 13 years, and have never had any trouble with water coming into our basement until the past 3 years when it rains heavily.

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