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Benton Ave E in Albia
Bowing walls and foundation
North F Street in Albia
Basement wall cracked leaking water needing to fix it and price 2 egress windows install in basement
in Albia
My poured basement is where my family sleeps and, even though there is tiling around the foundation, when water can escape fast enough, it pushes through where the wall and floor meet, wetting the carpet significantly. I don't think there was much in the way of barrier placed on the outside of the basement when it was originally laid.
in Albia
We have an older two story home that has an outside entrance that was a drive down for the cars. The outside concrete has heaved & the retaining wall is falling in. The foundation walls do have some cracks but are solid. The main thing is we need a new floor in the basement & drain tile. One section of the basement has dirt as it was possibly the coal room. We don't need the basement as a finished basement but need it cleaner & more useable.
in Albia
About 5 years ago we purchased an old church. We are considering remodeling it and making it our home. However, the basement walls are not in the best shape and we considered lifting the building and replacing them. After checking out your website, you may be all we need. We would want to put new windows in the basement as well. Is this something that you do also? The floor is cracked and uneven and would need fixed. Could you help us with that as well? Please let me know when a good time would be to have you come and look so we could get an estimate if you think it is something that you could/would do. Thanks in advance.
in Albia
Concrete block basement has cracked & moved at least 1/4"; last night's rains has water pouring in. Big vac has been emptied 4 or 5 times--help!
in Albia
Hi, I have a 10'x10'x6' basement. I would like to get an estimate to have it waterproofed. Thanks
C Ave E in Albia
Hi, we have a 1700 sq ft ranch home built in the late 70's with poured foundation walls that has cracks. This north wall leaks when we get hard multiple inch rain. There is not a sump pump and only leaks on one wall. We would be interested in an estimate and may want an egress window installed also. Thank you
in Albia
Walk out basement looking east. West wall has started a water seepage issue. Drains been cleaned and were partially clogged. We hoped this was the problem, but it was not. Assuming west tile is full of mud. Basement built 1975.
Parkview Drive in Albia
I recently had a flooded basement and would like to know how to prevent it in the future.

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