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Sidewalk Repair Clive Iowa

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

During the spring May of 2010, the City of Clive approved a new Sidewalk Inspection and Repair Policy.  This policy places the responsibility for the maintenance and repair, of public sidewalks on the abutting property owner as recorded by the county auditor.  In short, if you own the property it is your responsibility to maintain and repair the public sidewalks around your house.

Sidewalk Repair Clive Iowa - Image 1

The above statement is very similar to many of the other Des Moines metro areas.  Each of these Des Moines metro areas have their own take or spin on the problem, but for the most part its the same common thread of information.  Which is, we are all responsible for the sinking sidewalks around our properties.  So to that end here are a couple of items specific to the City of Clive.

The City is divided into four zones, so the public sidewalk inspection cycle will come around to your property every four years.  However, as you may guess, there are exceptions.  There are two ways to you can take care of the settled, sinking or broken concrete sidewalk.  The first is to simply replace it, and the second it to repair the existing concrete to safe levels and the satisfaction of the City of Clive repair codes.  There are 5 codes labeled A - E.  The codes talk about the rise or fall of the concrete and general condition of the concrete slab.  In the City of Clive it appears you will need to repair the sidewalk if there is the following

1.  A crack with a vertical edge of 1 inch or more (Repair code "A")

2.  The sidewalk has raised or settled more than two inches.  (Repair code "B")

3.  The sidewalk has cracked into more than three pieces per 4' x 4' square of sections.  (Repair code "C")

4.  The sidewalk surface has deteriorated and has loose materials on its surface.  (Repair code "D")

5.  The sidewalk has settled more that one inch per foot toward either side.  (Repair code "E")

Again, although these quantifiable repair codes are specific to Clive, the other communities like Urbandale, West Des Moines, Johnston, Grimes, Ankeny, and Altoona have similar requirements and regulations.

In our experience, a lot of these scenarios can be repaired.  The term most of us are familiar with is mudjacking.  This is a process by which a mud or concrete mixture is injected underneath the settled concrete slab and raises the slab back up to a level or original position.  Common problems with this mixture are:

1.  The mixture itself.  If not done correctly it can be to wet or to dry.  Either way it will not set up properly and can potentially wash out/

2.  The weight.  The weight of the mud mixture can continue to sink resulting in the uneven and settled Sidewalk Repair Clive Iowa - Image 2concrete sidewalk to reappear.

Alternatives to the mud mixture is our use of a structural high density polymer.  This material is really light weight, does not wash out, and the affected area, once repair can be used in approximately 20 minutes.  This repair is a fraction of the cost of replacing the slab of concrete.  More detailed information can be found by clicking here.

Other applications for this high density structural polymer are:

-Garage Floors

-Patios that have settled

-Parking pads for boats, RV's, and other vehicles

-Basement Floors


-Driveway Approaches

Getting estimates, and second opinions is a smart course of action.  To set up an appointment for an estimate simply call us today at 1-800-731-0869.

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