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Fix or Replace your Sidewalk and Concrete Slabs in Des Moines and Norwalk, IA

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

Fix or Replace your Sidewalk and Concrete Slabs in Des Moines and Norwalk IA - Image 1As we head into spring the respective cities we live in will be requiring us to fix or replace our sidewalks.  And...the question is, Can a sidewalk area be fixed or repaired or should the entire section be replaced?  Some of the answer lies with in the Iowa Code 364.12 Responsibility of Public Places, and some of the answer lies in the Code of the City you live in.

Most of the time the common theme is the same.  What I mean by that is the following, and I will present this in list form:

--Most of the time you will receive a notice from the City indicating you have to take an action to repair or replace your sidewalk or the concrete in a public use area of your property.  Since the weather has been terribly hard on concrete, soil settlement causing sinking and uneven sidewalks, patios, garage floors, we can rest assured the notices to repair of replace the sidewalks will be in the mail soon.

--The time you have to take the action varies, but generally you will have an allotted amount of time to take action and make the repair.

--In a lot of instances there are subsidies to assist in the repair of the sidewalk.  You will need to check with your specific city and determine if they have a subsidy to offer you and how you might qualify for the subsidy.

--Again, and in most cases, you are responsible, "as the property owner", for the sidewalk in front of your house or on your property that has public access.  As we all know, this includes the removal of snow, and of course our topic the repair or replacement of sidewalks.

--Non-compliance resulting in fines and penalties is common, and is true in most of the cities we have reseached.

--Guidelines and repair guides are available from most of the cities.

Now, back to the question of Repair or Replace?

There are going to be times the section of concrete, whether it be a sidewalk, driveway, patio, garage floor or simply the parking pad next to the garage is so beat up it needs to be replaced.  However, and having said that, there are numerous times, to many to count, that mudjacking and concrete leveling will repair the area.  Usually at a lessor cost.  So let's talk about the newer technology, although a cousin to mudjacking, still a newer and greatly improved process we call PolyLEVEL.

PolyLEVEL, uses a high density polyurathane structural polymer.  That is a mouth full, but it is the best thing on the market.  this polymer is light weight, flows easily into the voids and the restrictions under the concrete slab, sets up and is ready to use in 15 to 20 minutes, environmentally friendly, and doesn't wash out.  In addition, it is applied or injected through a hole that is only 5/8 of an inch, instead of the unsightly 2 inch hole of traditional mudjacking.  These smaller holes are easily sealed, and cosmetically more appealing for the property.

Recommendations are simple, give us a call.  The season is upon us, and we all know the notices are coming out, so give us a call and get on the schedule.  We are happy to come out and throughly evaluate the uneven concrete slab, check for settlement, make sure the concrete is not pushing on your home's foundation should it be up next to the house, and give you and estimate for the repair.

If you would like more information simply click here and your will be taken to our website, and the web page that talks about the concrete leveling system called PolyLEVEL.  Or if you would rather, just call us today to set up your appointment.

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