Learn more about Midwest Basement Systems' recent work requests in Ottumwa, IA
W Finley Ave in Ottumwa
Leveling garage floor and part of driveway to keep water out of garage and from puddling in walkway!
Bryan Rd in Ottumwa
Limited access, only about 3 feet height, mildew smell comes into home, has rock over plastic on ground, walls were fiberglass insulated but got wet and was removed. 3 small vents on walls. foundation does not look code as the concrete does not extend down full depth.
Richmond Ave in Ottumwa
Minor water from main foundation wall in basement. need only about 33 ft waterproofed
N Ward St in Ottumwa
Water coming in basement through windows et foundation
Gray St in Ottumwa
Basement wall has broken in two. Is about ready to completely fall in. Is leaning on the water main
W Main St in Ottumwa
Need an estimate for crawlspace repair on a 1400 sq ft house....some joists need replaced and possibly some beam repair along with several settled piers, floor insulation and dehumidification.
in Ottumwa
Slab on back porch has settled towards house . Water runs against house instead of away. I was curious if it could be jacked up?
Kenwood in Ottumwa
Cracks in basement wall
Webster Ave in Ottumwa
Basement wall is collapsing
North Court Rd in Ottumwa
Cracks, 1 wall coming in, leaks etc
Clayton in Ottumwa
House sinking on one side of house in basement and floor sinking with it also
S. Adella St. in Ottumwa
We would like to finish our cement basement, but there are a few small leaks in the walls first.
N. Traul Avenue in Ottumwa
The mortar between the blocks is cracking and water is coming into basement. Wet basement.
Marilyn Road in Ottumwa
North wall bowed and foundation cracked. Aproximatley 30-40 ft long
Minnesota Street in Ottumwa
My basement wall is starting to bow and would like it reinforced.
Hutchinson Ave. in Ottumwa
Would like an estimate to waterproof our basement.
Eleanor Dr. in Ottumwa
Our basement is leaking every time it rains. It has only started leaking within the last few years, but seems to be getting worse. Please help! Thanks
Riverside Ln in Ottumwa
Older home with block basement. Leaks when ground not frozen. Need solution and estimate. Thank you
S. Adella St in Ottumwa
I would like to put a sump pump and a liner in my crawlspace.
N Jefferson St. in Ottumwa
I want an estimate to install water guard in my basement
South Ferry Street in Ottumwa
Wet floor and walls
E. Elmdale in Ottumwa
Leaking in my finished basement need fast estimate please
Bluegrass Rd. in Ottumwa
Crawl space is yucky. Waiting on radon results
in Ottumwa
We have a poured foundation and have 3 or 4 vertical cracks. I have been looking at epoxy injection on the internet Is this something you do or is not a good fix our basement doesn't flood it is only next to the wall we can see the cracks we have removed the sheet rock in that area and where it leaks the worst is about 8ft long
N. Quincy Ave. in Ottumwa
I recently purchased a house that has two bad walls in the basement. I would like to know what the price range would be to repair them. They are bowing inward and cracking pretty much the length of the wall.
North Schuyler Street in Ottumwa
Cracks in walls and floor, mildew/mold smell, damp
Lynwood Ave in Ottumwa
East Basement wall cracked and needs stabilized. We found the cracks when we tore off the paneling because of water in the basement.
Lynwood Ave in Ottumwa
We get water in our basement with prolonged hard rain, maybe 2-3 times a year...
E. Altavista Ave. in Ottumwa
Need inside drainage system with sump pump. Would like the free estimate and recommendations as basement leaks during high rain events.
in Ottumwa
Home mornings best to call then
W Golf in Ottumwa
I have 3 duplexes that are settling in one way or another.
Meadowdale in Ottumwa
Just front left portion of houses foundation is sinking and causing house seperation from concrete foundation, interior drywall and ceiling cracking, preventing doors from shutting, etc.
West Rochester in Ottumwa
Want to see if we can put a sump pump in exiting drain hole
Hamilton St. in Ottumwa
I have a wet basement. Crack along one entire wall and water comes in thru windows as well. Need an estimate to repair the walls, waterproof the basement and possibly replace the windows.
Meadowdale St in Ottumwa
Leaking basement
N Court in Ottumwa
I have some exterior cracks in my foundation that I would like to have an estimate to repair.

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